The Thing

He waits
by the river
He mutates
then he slivers
He is
do not fall
in the snare
he is
you turn around
but he isn’t there.
He isn’t one of us
never be alone
he’ll find you
and become your clone
It isn’t human
It could be anyone
you can bet.
Trust no one
set in stone
you can hear
his disfigured groans
when we all become
it will have no one left
to sting.
Don’t let it leave
this place
or it will infect the
entire human race
Burn everything
hunt it down
you hear something
what’s that sound?
It lunges at you
tentacles stretch
it starts eating
you.. begin to digest.
you’re part of it now
you lost control
now march forever
you’ve lost your soul.
The thing has won
we’re all dead
it knows all
that’s in your head
it slithers on
to infect the rest.
Caleb Strong


Tienanmen Square

The attached video is a poem I wrote a while ago about the massacre in Tienanmen Square.

It’s a youtube video. I don’t exactly feel like retyping the text, so just watch the video.


(The video is not for children)

Shredded Roses

The King of Hearts will aim to please

The Ace of Hearts will be a tease

The Queen of Hearts is mysterious

But I’m a Jack because I’m delirious


The olive branch is the symbol of peace

Mystery’s shown by a single puzzle piece

The parted sea is the symbol of Moses

As for me, I’ve got shredded roses


The eagle’s a symbol for American freedom

When it comes to wolverines, U of M needs ’em

The club is often a symbol of war

While the heart is for those I adore


Evil’s symbols are incredibly varied

Even more are being deeply buried

Good’s symbols are usually the same

And are often involved in the same game


It’s interesting how these symbols work

Making you seem like you’ve got the right perk

Yet they come when the person closes

Just like me and my shredded roses

Love Songs

(Note: I don’t follow traditional standards, and often make a point to not do so. That is my just the way I write poems. I am open to criticism.)

I know it kills me,
It does me no good,
But I must listen
To all those love songs.

Stripped of my heart
Many women have.
But I remain strong,
I persist on and

Wait for love, may it
Never come?
In vain I may wait,
But I know I will, 

Know I will find you.
The one I will be
With, forever.

Revelations of the heart

All of my years are mine to live

But if you want reception, you must learn to give

So I decided to give my heart

Only to receive it again in parts

Yet wisdom comes from the experience’s cart


I got my heart back in pieces

Yet through revelations and releases

I built it back up stronger than ever

Strong enough to take any endeavor

As if I were only as light as a feather


When I see her now I don’t feel sad

No longer will she be able to drive me mad

I’m me myself that’s all there is to do

It’ll take more than this for me to be through

I’ll go again beyond that crew


I’ve gotta build up now stronger than ever

If I wanna make my spirit last forever

I’m stronger than feelings like sad or depressed

I’ve gotta make it through so I can be the best

And put all of the haunting memories down to rest

The Student

I’ve got a story I’d like to tell

About this girl for whom my love fell

But love like this is all about timing

Not so much about the reasoning or rhyming


Now this girl, this lady, this bella donna

Brings me up higher than marijuana

But all I can do is be her friend

As her time in this town must come to an end


Now, through all of my thinking I cannot tell

Whether her leaving’s gonna hurt like hell

What I do know is what she deserves:

A calm situation that won’t get on her nerves


Time and space are relative things

But love itself is a relative being

Who seems to give a taste of it all

Only to laugh and watch me fall


She’s way more caring than the girls before

And her looks aren’t exactly something to ignore

But what I like best in this girl

Is that, as I get to know her, her smarts unfurl


That doesn’t matter she’s moving away

“I’ll miss you,” will be the last thing I say

I’ll go through life and find someone to love

But I won’t forget the girl who freed this dove